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Smoking Alternative

Are you searching for a Discreet Smoking Alternative?

A new phase that is taking the tobacco market by “storm” is smoking electronic cigarettes.

This is a great alternative for several reasons:

    • By turning to the e-cig and “vaping” alternative, the cost for your on-going cigarette habit is far less. Say on the average you smoke ten packs of cigarettes per week (additional packs for social times with your friends on the weekends); your average weekly cost for cigarettes is about $70. That means you're facing an annual cost of $3,640 ... That's hard-earned money and represents a lot of chemicals that you'll inhale into your body!
    • Because of your extreme desire to taste that cigarette, and the difficulty to stop smoking, you are inhaling approximately 210 cigarettes per week – the most “stunning” thing for you to realize is that you are smoking approximately 10,920 cigarettes per year! Quite astounding when you consider the numbers!

Let’s take a very good look at this – honestly, can you envision how your body organs are constantly filled by dark black smoke, and the amount of on-going tar and nicotine that is attaching to your heart and lungs – Is all this worth it, you may ask yourself.

However, as many of us cigarette smokers are aware, smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break.

Let us join you in your journey for a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are both non-smokers, but we have been where you are and we understand the difficulties of quitting. Now that we have found the e-cig and vaping alternative, we are so committed and proud of our decision to adapt to this new healthier lifestyle that we would like to reach out, guide and support you in your journey towards a healthier life. In addition, e-cigarettes have their own perks ... they are perfect for traveling, stepping out at events, and are available at other times when smoking isn't an option.

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