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Social Smoker

Are you a Social Smoker?

Do you find that it is very easy during the week to have maybe a cigarette or two, but on the weekends, when your “social time” arrives, that the amount of cigarettes you smoke increases? Your resistance is down after you have had a few drinks of your favorite alcoholic beverage – therefore, your tolerance level to resist smoking is very low – and at that time, you may tell yourself that “I’m smoking more now, because I want to relax and have fun, however, next week, I will only have a few … or maybe I won’t smoke at all!”

The electronic cigarette has not only become an alternative for a more healthier lifestyle, but a “fad of sorts”, as even reformed smokers, may wish to have the option available to smoke, but do not want to resort to ever touching a cigarette again. The wonderful thing about “vaping” is that oils are offered which have absolutely no trace of nicotine (0HML). The oils come in a variety of flavors, allowing a tasteful experience of perhaps Cappuccino, Strawberry or even ‘Tutee Fruity’.

The electronic cigarette is the “new age”, an alternative to smoking that can help you kick the cigarette habit as you adapt to a healthier lifestyle. It allows you to socialize with your friends, and sometimes enjoy the smoking fixation over a few drinks and pleasurable conversation. The vapors are not offensive to others and the residual does not leave you with “stinky breath and clothes”. An electronic cigarette can provide you all of the sensations of a traditional cigarette – without the tar, chemicals and stinky impact!

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